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The Wholesale titanium flat irons are a new way to curl hair now and there is not a better way to curl hair. Curling my hair is much easier now. What I love most though is that with the Wholesale titanium flat irons my hair no longer burns, it looks healthier and shiny, and my curls last all day without falling out.

Curling my hair before used to have many tedious steps to make sure that my curls would stay in all day. I would have to apply mousse while it was damp, curl my hair, and then spray with a ton of hair spray. My curls would still not last a whole day with all that work. Now when I use my Wholesale titanium flat irons I don’t have to add any more product to my hair. Without adding product to my hair it looks healthier and saves me money.

The Top Styler has been a great new way for me to curl and wave my hair. I love that with the wholesale flat irons my hair is easier to curl and that the curls are better and longer lasting than all of the other curling irons that I used to use.

The main difference between the cold private label flat irons and my old curling irons is that the Wholesale titanium flat irons are similar to rollers, but not. The Wholesale titanium flat irons are C-shaped shells covered in ceramic to help control and retain heat.

To get the best looking curls all I have to do is take my fingers and curl my hair neatly to the roots. Depending on the size curls that I want all I have to do is either add hair or use less hair. The more hair I use in a curler the larger the curls or waves, and the less hair the tighter the curls. Then I take the Top Styler curling shells and fasten them onto the curls.

There are many reasons why the Wholesale titanium flat irons work better than normal curling irons. One of the main reasons that I prefer the Wholesale titanium flat irons is because I don’t need to have four different curling irons anymore. I used to have three different sized barrels and curling wand to get curls of curling irons to get different looking curls. Storing all of those curling irons was annoying because they took up quite a bit of space.

My favorite thing about the Wholesale private label titanium flat irons though is that they don’t get as hot as my old curling irons. Most curling irons get over 350 degrees, which is very hot. Hair actually begins to burn at 250 degrees. Curling irons damage hair incredibly. The Wholesale titanium flat irons only heat up to 200 degrees which allows my hair to get a great curl, great shine, and it doesn’t burn my hair.

The C-shells are heated on specially designed tray that is also the carrying case to make storage easy. All I have to do is turn on the heating tray and the curlers will begin to heat. I was at first worried that they would burn my fingers while I was trying to put them on. Because after all, 200 degrees is hot when it touches the skin. The way that the C-shaped curlers were designed actually make it hard to burn myself. I have even slipped my fingers inside the shell when curling and I didn’t get burned.

I love that the Wholesale titanium flat irons are easy to use and safe for my hair. I don’t have to damage my hair anymore to get great looking curls.

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