D-M-E North American Catalog to Offer Metric Components for First Time

Starting in September, the D-M-E. Company will be offering a comprehensive European-standard, metric mold components product line to customers in North American. The expansion is in response to the continuing growth of metric molds and components in North America.

“As companies continue to react to global competitive pressures and opportunities, we are seeing more molds being transplanted from region to region, from country to country,” says Chuck Azzopardi, D-M-E’s product manager for mold components. “When metric molds are transplanted to North America, tool builders there need a quick and reliable source for service components.”

D-M-E expects metric components to play an even bigger role in North America in the future.

A new 21-page D-M-E Metric Components Catalog details everything from metric surface definitions to metric fit tolerances. These metric tolerances and standards are not familiar to some North American mold builders, so the catalog includes seven appendices, compiled by D-M-E, which include detailed charts and diagrams to assist those who may be inexperienced with metric tolerances and standards.

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