Titanium 1 1/4″ Straightening Iron

Some flat irons are great for getting your hair straight, but then what?  How to you create your favorite styles?  Metal curling irons are notorious for damaging hair by burning it or pulling it.  Well, with the airflow Titanium 1 1/4″ Straightening Iron made by Olayer wholesale titanium hair straightener vendor you only need one tool to do it all.  This airflow wholesale titanium 1 1/4″ hair straightener iron does a great job as a straightener, with plates wide enough to make the job go smoothly and quickly. The Nano titanium plates are gentle on hair, coaxing it to be smooth and shiny without damaging it in any way.  The onboard ionic generator eliminates static electricity that makes hair frizzy and unmanageable.  It seals the hair cuticle to produce a rich, lustrous shine that revitalizes your hair.

Then, when you’ve got the kinks and cowlicks worked out, you can also use this amazing airflow titanium hair straightener to craft any hairdo you want.  Leave it straight and sleek, go with tight curls for a sporty, fun look or choose bouncy waves or even crimps.  There isn’t any style you can’t produce with this versatile hair instrument.  You’ll look great for work, school, a date, the party this weekend or a get-together with friends, with a different hairstyle each time if you wish.

This professional-grade straightening iron has extra-long plates that heat quickly and evenly up to a salon-ready 450F.  For durability this unit comes with a ryton housing that is very heat-resistant.  So get rid of the dangerous curling iron and handle it all with this one gentle and very useful hair tool from Olayer wholesale flat irons vendor.

Straightening of Color Treated Hair

Women have been coloring their hair for thousands of years. In ancient civilizations, natural dyes like henna were use to color hair which did not have the harming effects that today’s chemical dyes have on hair. Color-treated hair should never be subjected to chemical straightening and great care must be taken with hot iron straighteners.

Before straightening, it is very important to keep your hair moisturized. Try to avoid washing your hair any more than is necessary and use a shampoo that is especially formulated for color-treated hair. If you must wash your hair every day, only wash it once.

Use a conditioner for color-treated hair and rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of the conditioner. Removing all traces of both shampoo and conditioner reduces film that attracts dirt, hides natural shine and makes hair less manageable. You also may not have to wash as frequently.

If your hair is severely damaged from over-processing — that is dry, porous, and susceptible to breakage — avoid using chemicals or heating applications until you can nurse your hair back to health. In order to heal your hair, you may need to begin with a good hair cut. A deep conditioning once a month will help speed the healing process.

The least damaging of hair straighteners is a straightening shampoo. Of course, this may not work well for extremely curly or frizzy hair, in which case, a hot iron would be a better choice. Due to Instyler’s unique design that combines moisture and lower temperatures to straighten hair, it is recommended for straightening color-treated hair. Also, the Rusk Color Freak Hair Straightener is a porcelain/ceramic iron suitable for color-treated hair. This iron is sold in professional salons or at beauty supply houses.

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. It is definitely one of the first things another person notices about her. Beautiful hair is an essential element of the well-groomed woman. Nothing can detract from a woman’s looks more than unkempt, over-processed, damaged hair. With proper treatment, beautiful hair, even beautiful straight hair, is very much achievable.

Hair Straightening For Men

Just as women want straight hair, so do certain men. Those that would like to wear a longer hair style but that have naturally curly or even frizzy hair, are perfect candidates for hair straightening. you are use portable flat iron wholesale tool to style your hair.

Men typically do not wear their hair nearly as long as women. Thus, hair straightening for men is somewhat easier. Taming curly hair can be as easy as using a hair straightening shampoo like Marc Anthony Instant Straightening Shampoo. Although this method may not work well for extra curly or frizzy hair, it will do a fine job for the man with average curly hair.

Men can also use any of the hot iron hair straightening devices on the market like Instyler,.  These are especially good for longer styles. If, however, your hair is short and curly, don’t despair. The airflow Ceramic Flat Iron is especially designed for men with shorter hair.

Even chemical straightening is appropriate for men. There’s nothing that says that it’s exclusively for women. It does, however, pose the same problems for men that it does for women, namely hair damage. Chemical treatment to the hair should only be considered after testing to see if the hair is susceptible to damage. Perhaps the best (or maybe the worst)thing about chemical straightening is that it is much more permanent than the others. This goes especially for ionic hair restructuring, a Japanese hair straightening treatment developed in the 1990′s. Many people shy away from it because of the expense which can be hundreds of dollars and because it is not reversible unless you allow the hair to grow out completely.

Which method of hair straightening you decide on will certainly depend on time and money. While cost may deter some hair straightening methods, the amount of time you must devote to straight hair may be a deterring factor as well. Whichever method you choose, hair straightening for men is becoming more and more popular as men shed inhibitions over this once female-dominated beauty treatment.

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