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Buying curling irons can be a trick affair if one is not well furnished with information on how to get the best selection. There are numerous types that one can choose from, which also include new shapes of barrels, the best material for minimizing damage, all which narrows down to the type of iron that will give the best results.

There are three main types of materials that are commonly used in making irons and this include, tourmalineceramic and metal plating. Metal plates are not the best because they are known to damage hair by frying those parts of the hair that are exposed to extreme heat, especially for a prolonged period of time. Tourmaline is another material used for making curling irons because of the way it produces negative ions for smoothing and de frizzing the hair. Curling irons made from tourmaline contain a mixture of ceramic, tourmaline, jade and titanium, which is known for producing negative ions. These curling irons are quite similar with ceramic curling irons although they tend to cost more. Metals such as gold and aluminum are a good choice for making curling iron barrels due to their good quality of heat conductivity.

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It is important when choosing a curling iron to get the right size of barrels. The hair should at least wrap around a barrel at least one-and-half-times. For soft tight curls, wisps and bangs a 3/8 is the good fit and ¾ for short hair and from creation of tendrils. A 5/8 barrel is ideal from tight and smooth curls and for short to medium styles or tendrils, a 1 inch barrel is the best. A 1- ¼ inch based is commonly used longer and mid-length styles. For smoothing out wave or tipping ends out or under, a 1-1/2 inch barrel will achieve this. 2 inch barrels usually work well for giving a bend to the ends and smoothing out wave.