Indian diamond traders for hundreds of poor girl do collective wedding, give gold jewelry

According to the horn reported in Argentina, on December 6, in the western Indian state of gujarat held a grand wedding ceremony of 151 couples. The bride was dressed in a red traditional dress, gorgeous jewellery, very lovely.

According to the report, the collective wedding by Mr Mahesh jewelry businessman – a close (Mahesh Savani) sponsor, a few years ago, the jewelry merchants began to no parents poor girl organize collective wedding, because in traditional India, bride-to-be to marry, as the bride’s family will be generous dowry, for the poor girl, this is difficult.

It is understood that the collective wedding banquet will last 3 days, is expected to receive more than 100000 guests, wedding with the bride’s gold jewelry dowry to spend $750000. Faced with huge cost, sponsor Mr Mahesh – close to reporters, said: “I will be the collective wedding as sacred things, so will not be too care about how much cost.”

Nigeria oil refining enterprises are still unable to produce, the demand for fuel is completely dependent on imports

Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC) on Thursday (December 17th) said that although the country pushing up crude oil production plan is steadily, but the domestic oil refining companies are still unable to produce fuel, leading to the country’s oil demand can only rely on imports to meet.

Nigeria’s crude oil production is expected to reach 2 million 100 thousand barrels a day this year, and plans to increase to 2 million 400 thousand barrels a day, according to Ibe Kachikwu Emmanuel, a managing director at Nigeria, while the current supply of crude oil is currently in use.

Kachikwu said: October domestic oil refining enterprises to zero, we do not produce any fuel. As of now, all the oil refineries are still unable to function, we plan to try to repair.”

Oil prices resulting in crude oil revenue decline, Nigeria attempts to reduce fuel subsidies to make up the financial gap, Kachikwu pointed out that in the current oil prices, the domestic refined oil products in the retail price range will be maintained at 87 per liter to 97 naira in Nigeria.

Kachikwu added: “the future fuel subsidies will not be fixed, we will examine the expected quarterly price impact on fuel prices, and then make adjustments, in order to ensure that the fuel price will not exceed the upper limit of 97 naira.”
Nigeria’s largest oil refinery officials in November to accept foreign media interview, said Nigeria plans in the first quarter of 2016 to achieve the goal of domestic 30% gasoline demand localization.

Nigeria’s president and oil minister Buhari (Buhari Muhammadu) has been to overhaul the country’s oil refining system as the current primary goal, plans to address the problem of poor management and corruption through thorough reform.

Americans protest the police shootings of black, causing a large number of flight delays

About 500 protesters held a demonstration on the 23rd in Minnesota Minneapolis last month to protest the police shooting of a black youth. A large number of flight delays caused by protests, 15 people were arrested.

According to US media reports, the afternoon, about 500 members of the black rights organizations gathered in Minneapolis, a large shopping center, local police protest last month’s shooting of a black youth named Yamal Clark. In dispersed by police after about 100 demonstrators turned visit Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport continued to protest. Once protesters blocked the road leading to the airport, lead to a large number of flights terminal closures and delays.

Local police sources said a total of 15 protesters for “trespassing” or “impede law enforcement” and arrested, no one was injured in the incident.

Mexican oil revenues appeared 12-year low

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According to Mexico’s national oil company (PEMEX) statistics, the first ten months of this year, the Mexican oil export revenues $ 16.485 billion, down 47% over the previous year. According to the Mexican Ministry of Finance statistics, as of now Mexican oil revenues 660 079 000 000 pesos (1 US dollar equals 16.5 pesos), becoming the lowest level in nearly 12 years. By the fall in oil prices, Mexico’s national oil company this year will hit a record loss.

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India could sell excess coal

The Indian government said recently, would allow the country’s state-owned enterprises sell more coal, to support the domestic coal production growth, reducing reliance on imported coal.

Cabinet meeting chaired by India’s prime minister, Mr Modi, according to the plan will promote the federal and state enterprises more flexibility to sell excess coal.

So far, India almost all of the company is only allowed to exploitation of coal supply their own use.

“Through the way to increase coal production is expected to fill the coal supply gap… dramatically narrow gap between supply and demand of the country,” the statement said.

At present, only state-owned coal India (coal India LTD) and another run jointly by the federal government and some state of coal companies be allowed to coal mining goods.

Coal India coal output hit a record high, pushing the coal industry better. But the government also hope that more companies to join the ranks of coal mining, in order to help achieve to 2020 countries doubled to 1.5 billion tons of coal production target.