Domestic ink tattoo quality

Although tattoo culture came from abroad, but China also has a long history of the tattoo, starting from the ancient tattoo will be born, so compared with foreign tattoos in China is not short, but now on the market of inks tattoo are imported brand, although imports to tattoo ink quality is good, but the price is on the high side, on the situation of our country’s tattoo ink manufacturers have national development and reform, created to match competition between domestic and foreign ink. Domestic and imported tattoo inkthan the biggest characteristic is affordable, generally a bottle of imported 30 m tattoo ink prices are as high as hundreds yuan, and the quality of domestic ink needs only a few yuan. More important is the pattern that the grain imported ink effect and domestic ink neck and neck, some are even surpass international quality of tattoo ink.

Tattoo artist can rest assured the choose and buy of the right ink tattoo , can not only save costs but also bring unexpected good effect, let the tattoo is more outstanding.

What are the types of mold?

What are the types of mold?

Mold for us is general concept, that the classification of the following in this big, there are some relatively small classification, and divided according to different classification criteria, will come to a different classification; example, according to its mode of production to classify, there is this kind of casting molds; among the most frequently applied by everyone is zinc alloy die-casting molds.

In recent years, as people of zinc alloy die casting mold for the degree of concern the improvement of China in this field has been significantly improved production levels, but also the emergence of a lot of businesses deserve the trust of customers, where the loudest voices is China zinc alloy die casting plant, its growth is favorable in people evolved in a step by step, and in the development, it can strictly in accordance with customer needs, customized zinc alloy die casting people, so people for this manufacturer Evaluation has always been positive.

Of course, the type of mold is so rich, if you need other kinds of words, but also can provide you!

Modified cars will become more and more simple

There are a lot of people are very recognition of China’s manufacturing. For vehicle manufacturing and refitting vehicles, will adopt the auto parts made in China, and they were very pleased with the auto parts are made in China.
For car, the most important is the bumper, for decoration and safety cars are generally choose the special plastic bumper, such automobile bumper is both beautiful and also can achieve his work need.
Now the production of such products is very simple, as long as it is through the plastic auto bumper mould can be mass production, very quick, but also has the same specification is more suitable for automobile assembly line production.
For friends like conversion, of course, because in China there are a lot of custom plastic auto bumper mould company, through the mould design to custom make a very handsome car, very convenient, but also very cheap.

Exercise is good, but you will protect the joints?

For bodybuilders, is by the very big risk suffered a serious shoulder injury.This is a big bad news.But also have the good news is that if we train right, nutrition, rest and recovery is in place, so we can avoid injury.

1. The training of the high weight and improper action can cause joint damage:

This is the main reason of the bodybuilding joint injury.Continuous use big weight training and bad posture can lead to a joint injury, inflammation in joints slowly, for the first, and then become symptomatic pain even bruises.Shoulder and elbow is one of the most vulnerable to this type of damage.Too much bad training habits and weight will cause the damage to the tendons and even tear, light person can also cause tendinitis.If weight is too big, using more than the load of joints, still can cause joint dislocation.

2. The muscle strength development too fast:

There are some supplements such as creatine, and nitrogen is the class product will help us develop muscle strength, when we muscle strength development quickly, we keep up with the joint bearing capacity is actually not completely.Although the growth of muscle strength is absolutely good, we can use the bigger weight training to stimulate muscle, but it will be very easy to cause joint damage.This often happens to the training of the young, especially the teenagers bodybuilding.

3. The lack of reasonable nutrition:

Joints and muscles that need nutrients to recover.The lack of a reasonable joint nutrition will lead to a higher chance of joint damage.Result is the development of small soft tissue tear slowly for joint chronic pain and even develop into joint damage.A chronic lack of reasonable nutrition may even trigger inflammation in joints or tendonitis.All these inflammation is caused by cumulative trauma.

4. Lack of reasonable rest and recovery:

Continuous excessive training, has been used big weight training without the adjustment of the intensity of training, lack of sleep can cause the problem of the joints.Excessive training and each group of less than 6 times of repeat big weight training can cause joint damage.We want to know is that, if our body can’t completely recovered from the last training, then the trauma are accumulated together, and then to a fatal blow to us.And lack of sleep, will affect our body produces anabolic hormones, will further affect the recovery of our body.

How to protect the joints in sports?

Wuhan city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of doctor of vice director of orthopedics ugly steel, said the movement correct landing posture can prevent knee injuries.

His advice: before landing foot first, knee bends, torso slightly forward, as far as possible avoid around the knee joint lateral or action.Pay attention to the choice of level off, suitable for field sports, don’t be too hard or potholes in sports.10-15 minutes to warm up before exercise, activity on the whole body of the joints.

Pay attention to choose the right shoes and protective devices in under the guidance of professional coaches try to difficult moves.If it is found that the knee of sudden pain or limited sample torn pain, knee joint swelling, tenderness, activities of obstacles, and so on and so forth, check to the hospital in time.

Before if you ignore the protection of knee joint movement, so from now on to do well the protection of the knee joint movement oh.If you have a knee injury, remember to rest well before exercise, don’t pain with motion.

Research Report: more than 4 billion people worldwide have a month of severe water shortage

More than 4 billion people around the world have at least one month in a serious shortage of water resources per year, the affected population accounted for 2/3 of the total global population, showing the global water shortage situation is more severe than expected.

The scientific development of the United States journal recently published a new research report, which analyses the global water shortage on a monthly basis.

The report also noted that about five hundred million of the world’s population is two times the amount of water they live in the region throughout the year, which means that a sharp decline in groundwater levels, the survival of a large population becomes precarious.

The monthly new study of human habitation around within about 50 kilometers of water resources analysis, covering the decade data from 1996 to 2005, who used water is more than twice the supply of water is defined as a serious shortage of water resources.

Analysts said after a number of research reports prediction, the global water shortage affects population ranged from 17 million to 31 billion, the latest research has revealed that a population of more than 40 billion in the year with at least a month will face the serious shortage of water resources. The global water shortage problem is more serious than the original, with the increasing of the population and the rising of the water consumption, the water shortage crisis is bound to deteriorate further.

Japan invented the new breast augmentation technology, half an hour or a half of the effect of only one day

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Japan in recent months, popular called “Cinderella long in” new technology, as long as in the breast of the medical injection with lactate Ringer’s solution (Lactated Ringer’s solution), less than half an hour can would make the lady chest rise one to one and a half cup of cup. But like “Cinderella” Fairy Magic effect, only breast augmentation for a day.

According to Hong Kong “Oriental Daily News” website reported on November 3, Tokyo a clinic research and development from the new breast implants, lactated Ringer’s solution was injected into the breast, so that women can achieve short cup upgrade effect and process about ten to twenty minutes. Lactated Ringer’s solution is a piece of intravenous injection, calcium containing sodium chloride potassium and plasma lactate, similar to the solution of tension and blood, so widely used for medical level, trauma, surgery, burns and other bleeding is excessive, used to supplement the loss of body fluid.

Reported that the clinic claimed that the solution can be excreted, so there will be no negative impact on the mammary gland. At present, this breast augmentation technology charges ranging from 5000 to 30000 yen (about 263 yuan to 1575 yuan), compared with the permanent breast augmentation is much cheaper.


The RMB against the dollar is expected to hold steady

On November 17, RMB onshore and offshore at the spot exchange rate against the dollar weakness, and deviate from the middle price movements. Market participants pointed out that although the dollar index was higher, but the yuan is not significantly decline, mainly due to market expectations of RMB exchange rate will continue to stabilization, and the yuan is expected to be included in the SDR basket to prop up the currency, in the next period of time, the RMB exchange rate will continue to fluctuate within a certain range narrow the pattern.

Among 17 market within the territory of the yuan against the us dollar price is set at 6.3740 yuan, compared with the previous trading day up 10 basis points, the end of the previous 10 consecutive trading day down. Onshore market, the yuan against the dollar at the spot exchange rate leave high to go lower, at 50 continued turmoil since the second world war, up to close at 6.3786 yuan, fell by 62 basis points, or 0.1%. Offshore renminbi spot exchange rate against the dollar yesterday after appearing to surge, but a poor performance in the afternoon, by the domestic market closing (ticket), offshore RMB against the U.S. dollar fell 18 basis points at 6.4018 yuan, two price about 232 points.

Iran ready to work with Russia signed the first oil and gas contracts next year

November 12, Iranian Communications and Information Technology Minister Reza Taki Poole said in Moscow that Iran hopes in 2016 with the Russian oil and gas company signed the first oil and gas contracts.

10 to 12 November, Russia – Iran Committee held a series of meetings in Moscow to discuss the investment of joint projects between the two countries.

Russian Energy Minister Novak has said that bilateral trade volume between Russia and Iran could reach $ 10 billion in the short term.

By the end of October, Novak led the Russian delegation visited Iran to discuss bilateral cooperation in the oil sector of issues relating to Iran peers. In July, Iran and the world’s six countries reached a program to monitor and limit Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for an agreement to reduce the international sanctions, which opens the way for Iran to continue the implementation of energy projects.

India 51 year old woman has a stomach ache, the gallbladder takes out 1.2 million gall stone

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported, a 51 year old woman from India recently in the gallbladder removed 11950 stones, so that a doctor’s gaping, this number is believed to have been a new world record.

Minati Mondal was extremely severe stomach pain and stomach acid reflux disease for two months, two weeks ago, she went to a hospital in Calcutta, India, after a variety of examination and ultrasound, doctors believe that she is a serious gallstone patients.

But the doctor did not expect to find so many stones. The attending doctor Maccan Lara Saha said he began to expect a large number of gallstones, but after a number of more than 5000 he has been deeply shocked, and 1 hours after the laparoscopic surgery, he had removed nearly 1.2 million stones.

“I was shocked by the number of stones. I never thought that the gall bladder can accommodate so many stones. It took us 50 minutes to remove them, and my assistant took 4 hours to calculate the number of stones in these 2 millimeters to 5 mm.” Saha said.

At present, Louis has sent a letter to the London Royal College of pathologists, want to record this case. “Two months ago, I had surgery for a girl. She had 1110 stones. Although the number was high, I found that in 1983 the British doctors had taken 3110 stones from a German patient’s gallbladder. I think this time beyond all previous records, and is more than three times the previous record.”

After the operation was discharged 2 days ago Mondal, at present in home rehabilitation.

Indian diamond traders for hundreds of poor girl do collective wedding, give gold jewelry

According to the horn reported in Argentina, on December 6, in the western Indian state of gujarat held a grand wedding ceremony of 151 couples. The bride was dressed in a red traditional dress, gorgeous jewellery, very lovely.

According to the report, the collective wedding by Mr Mahesh jewelry businessman – a close (Mahesh Savani) sponsor, a few years ago, the jewelry merchants began to no parents poor girl organize collective wedding, because in traditional India, bride-to-be to marry, as the bride’s family will be generous dowry, for the poor girl, this is difficult.

It is understood that the collective wedding banquet will last 3 days, is expected to receive more than 100000 guests, wedding with the bride’s gold jewelry dowry to spend $750000. Faced with huge cost, sponsor Mr Mahesh – close to reporters, said: “I will be the collective wedding as sacred things, so will not be too care about how much cost.”