Missler Announces Launch of 2006 Version of TopSolid’CAM

At EMO, Missler Softwareannounced that it will launch the 2006 version of TopSolid’Cam in the last quarter of 2005. This new version will include important improvements for production machining, especially for the mold making and aeronautical domains.

TopSolid’Cam is an integrated CAM software for the manufacturing of machined parts. Based on the automatic recognition of topological properties, TopSolid’Cam identifies individual shapes and can thus suggest the best machining method to use. Machine simulation, collision checks, management of the stock, spindle synchronization, raw part updating and visualization of material removal are important elements of TopSolid’Cam for tool path programming.

Key improvements in TopSolid’Cam 2006:

  • The automatic transformation of 3-axis tool paths into 5-axis tool paths.
  • This function, a significant improvement for mold makers, permits the use of shorter tools to machine the part, which in turn favors good cutting conditions, a decrease in possible vibrations, and a significant reduction in cycle times.
  • TopSolid’Cam 2006 automates the emptying of 5-axis pockets, which in turn considerably reduces the number of steps necessary to perform this action. The new version of TopSolid’Cam automatically evacuates the holes followed by a pocket wall finishing using the swarf machining technique.
  • Drilling on wire-frame geometry, allowing the machining of identical holes not modelled in the CAD file which have different orientations. In addition, this function enables faster 5-axis drilling.
  • TopSolid’Cam 2006 gives the operator the possibility to manage production by “assembling” several different parts and their machining processes on the same machine. In other words, the operator can assemble parts already programmed without needing to reprogramme the parts. In case of a machine breakdown, for example, the operator can change machines without reprogramming the parts.
  • TopSolid’Cam 2006 offers turning cycles adapted to Swiss turn lathes. In fact, all turning cycles such as roughing, finishing and breakdown have been adapted to the Swiss turning process.
  • Tool length management by separating 3D machining processes, an improvement that lets mold makers make surface and cutting condition improvements. This function automatically divides the machining operations in such a way that they are carried out by both a short and long tool. Thus, cutting conditions are optimised and cycle times are reduced.
  • TopSolid’Cam 2006 manages ¾ gun drills used for deep drilling. This new function offers special cycles for ¾ gun drills, which are mainly used by mold makers in the drilling of cooling circuits in mold plates.

Missler Software is one of the leading global suppliers of CAD, CAM and ERP solutions. The company’s product lines include TopSolid, TopManufacturing, and Goélan. Missler offers a uniquely integrated solution for the mechanical engineering industry (general mechanical design, special machinery, tooling, and boilerwork) and for the sheet metal and wood industries.

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