Many kinds of plastic spoons

Many kinds of plastic spoons made by plastic molds

The characteristics of the plastic spoon because of its convenient health widely received the love of consumers, especially now plastic manufacturing process also in unceasing enhancement, the material of plastic spoon is also changing. Now we know that the main raw material of plastic material is melamine powder, the plastic material is through the national quality certification, material guarantee one hundred percent health. High quality plastic spoon containing resin plastic material, the material more guarantee the quality of plastic spoon and longevity.

To make plastic spoons we need plastic molds, each type of plastic sppons need each type of plastic mold

Plastic spoon in general are impact resistance, not easy broken, can use repeatedly repeatedly, healthy environmental protection in the process of using, can greatly save the cost. Combined with the quality of a material of plastic spoon is smooth, very beautiful and feel good, whether private or restaurant can choose a money and beauty and cheap plastic spoon. For restaurant, customized plastic spoon melamine poor heat transfer, more than the material such as ceramic spoon can prevent the phenomenon of hot and so on, in the side dishes served not special hot, so very convenient to use.

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