Magnesium Die Casting

CNM Magnesium  is a die casting china company that produce and supply a complete range of die casting like aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, magnesium die casting and sand casting alloys together with the associated hardeners, fluxes and welding rods. Service partnerships with our customers include extensive technical support in the melting and casting of our product range. In addition, our development teams work closely with end users to ensure component designs maximise the potential benefits from using magnesium alloys.

Magnesium Die Casting Alloys

CNM Magnesium die casting began supplying magnesium casting alloys in the 1930’s and have since developed the most extensive range of magnesium alloy systems leading to improvements in mechanical properties both at ambient and high temperatures of up to 300°C. For high performance sand casting alloys, three main alloy systems are used.

For general purpose applications, the Mg-Zn-Rare Earth alloys Elektron ® RZ5 (ZE41) and Elektron ® ZRE1 (EZ33) are easy to use and provide good tensile properties up to 150oC (302oF). The alloys are widely used for motorsport and aerospace gearbox casings, Elektron ® ZRE1(EZ33) is used in aero engine components where improved creep resistance is required.

The new CNM Die Casting china company  has been developed to offer improved properties and superior corrosion resistance whilst maintaining the processing advantages of the Mg-Zn-Rare Earth alloys. The alloy is used in military and motorsport applications where these properties are at a premium. Elektron 21 has achieved Aerospace Material Specification AMS 4429 and is the first magnesium alloy ever to achieve full MMPDS (MIL-HNDBK-V) design handbook entry, including statistical A & B values and elevated temperature information. For applications operating up to 200oC (392oF), engineers can now have extra confidence when designing strong, lightweight components with CNM 21.

Magnesium die Casting Alloys

For very high temperature applications, up to 300oC (572oF), the yttrium containing alloys are usually preferred. These alloys were developed for improved mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. Yttrium containing alloys have good creep properties and also have excellent corrosion resistance compared to other high performance magnesium alloys. CNM ® WE43 is used primarily for aerospace applications and CNM ® WE54 for high performance automotive applications.

These alloys have largely replaced other high temperature alloys including the silver containing alloys, CNM ® MSR-B, CNM ® QE22 and CNM ® EQ21 for new applications.

Magnesium die Casting Alloys

Magnesium die casting alloys are being increasingly used in commercial automotive and ICT applications due to their excellent castability, good strength to weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance. CNM ® AZ91D, CNM ® AM50 and CNM ® AM60 are produced and supplied to diecasting foundries worldwide. The supply of alloys can be supported with CNM’s Recycling Service, capable of managing high and low grade magnesium process arisings.

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