Japan invented the new breast augmentation technology, half an hour or a half of the effect of only one day

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Japan in recent months, popular called “Cinderella long in” new technology, as long as in the breast of the medical injection with lactate Ringer’s solution (Lactated Ringer’s solution), less than half an hour can would make the lady chest rise one to one and a half cup of cup. But like “Cinderella” Fairy Magic effect, only breast augmentation for a day.

According to Hong Kong “Oriental Daily News” website reported on November 3, Tokyo a clinic research and development from the new breast implants, lactated Ringer’s solution was injected into the breast, so that women can achieve short cup upgrade effect and process about ten to twenty minutes. Lactated Ringer’s solution is a piece of intravenous injection, calcium containing sodium chloride potassium and plasma lactate, similar to the solution of tension and blood, so widely used for medical level, trauma, surgery, burns and other bleeding is excessive, used to supplement the loss of body fluid.

Reported that the clinic claimed that the solution can be excreted, so there will be no negative impact on the mammary gland. At present, this breast augmentation technology charges ranging from 5000 to 30000 yen (about 263 yuan to 1575 yuan), compared with the permanent breast augmentation is much cheaper.


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