EOS Moving to New Facilities near Munich by End of October

By the end of October, the entire staff of EOS GmbH, one Europe’s leading manufacturers of rapid prototyping (RP) systems, will have moved to new facilities in Krailling, Germany, close to Munich. The move is in full swing—and, EOS adds, so is its research and development work. New products continue to be launched to further promote batch-size, optimized production. Users can look forward to seeing the latest rapid prototyping and manufacturing innovations at this year’s EuroMold trade show (December 4–7) in Frankfurt.

For example, the new EOSINT S750 is an extremely high-productivity system that uses EOS’s patented DirectCast® process for boxless manufacture of molds and cores for sand casting. The twin lasers of the EOSINT S750 system scan the internal regions of the laser-sintered parts at a much higher speed, increasing output considerably. The system has successfully completed beta testing.

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