Domestic ink tattoo quality

Although tattoo culture came from abroad, but China also has a long history of the tattoo, starting from the ancient tattoo will be born, so compared with foreign tattoos in China is not short, but now on the market of inks tattoo are imported brand, although imports to tattoo ink quality is good, but the price is on the high side, on the situation of our country’s tattoo ink manufacturers have national development and reform, created to match competition between domestic and foreign ink. Domestic and imported tattoo inkthan the biggest characteristic is affordable, generally a bottle of imported 30 m tattoo ink prices are as high as hundreds yuan, and the quality of domestic ink needs only a few yuan. More important is the pattern that the grain imported ink effect and domestic ink neck and neck, some are even surpass international quality of tattoo ink.

Tattoo artist can rest assured the choose and buy of the right ink tattoo , can not only save costs but also bring unexpected good effect, let the tattoo is more outstanding.

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