Do stretching Plastic mould designs work, to better the stretching process

Do stretching Plastic mould designs work

Stretching Plastic mould is in the industrial production of special tools. as the production of some metal elements need to be stretched, and some plastic products in the process of making little also not stretching operation, visible stretching Plastic mold in the industrial production of application is extensive.
How can let us better stretching process of industrial production, operating more simple, more time, manpower, save the human, has always been our factory concern. Do stretching mould design work can be very good solve this difficult problem.
According to the tensile component material is qualitative different, need to make the product shape and thickness of the different requirements, such as the requirement of mould are also different. As a result, designers for existing mold professional design renovation or there’s a lot of work to be done. One of the reasons for the mould design is very important. Do a good job in the design of the mould modification, can with less manpower and material resources to produce more high-quality products, promote the development of industry more quickly.

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