Plastic Mold Manufacturer

HXY. is a long-established Plastic Mold Manufacturer that started as a manufacturer of radial drilling machines in 1947. In the succeeding decades, the company developed a leading role in the manufacture of high-speed and high-accuracy milling and boring machines.

Now, the Mecof Group has a personnel roster of approximately 500 spread throughout Europe and the United States. Sales and services offices are located in Germany, France, Russia, and the United States. The headquarters operation, Mecof S.p.a is responsible for the design, manufacture, assembly, sales and service. Salvadeo Srl handles the assembly of the Unica line and retrofitting activity while Spaziosystem Srl is the software house. There are as well two general engineering workshop organizations, Meccanica UNO Srl and Mecof Hungary Kft.

plastic mold manufacturer
plastic mold manufacturer

A newly developed production range draws on the power of HSC. The high accuracy of the Mecof machines offer a decrease in machining time from 40% to 70% for molds and dies, and reduced time for finishing.

Günther, Weigelt Form Alliance to
Enhance Competitiveness

To excel in today’s competitive plastics arena, plastics manufacturers are striving to provide their customers with the best possible products and service. Increasingly, this group of manufacturers is specializing in one aspect of the product development process—in design, for example, or in engineering, tooling, or production.

Such is the logic that has propelled two medium-size companies, Günther Hot Runner Systems Inc. and Weigelt Systems, to join forces. Each is managed by its owners and each concentrates in different fields of the product development process—Günther in hot runner systems, Weigelt in liquid silicone. By entering into this partnership, Günther hopes to cater to all the needs its customers might have.

Kennametal Awards Fast Car to
Highlight Commitment to Speed

As part of a campaign to promote its high-performance milling products during September’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, Kennametalconducted a sweepstakes with a “Speed Machine” hot rod as the grand prize. The car was a custom-built 1934 Ford coupe in Kennametal yellow with a 350-in³, 350-hp Chevy engine. The winner was Gord Brock of Roctel Linamar in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Kennametal chose the hot rod as its sweepstakes prize to emphasize the company’s ongoing commitment, through its wide array of milling solutions and services, to accelerate milling, customer productivity and profitability. looking for plastic mold manufacturer? Go to to know more mold technology

Injection mould defect analysis-weld line, material flow line

  •  Appearance of the weld line

Weld line often appears in the place which every fluid meet. Especially in the high-polished surface in mould, weld line in the plastic product just like a mark or slot, it is obviously in the plastic products with dark color or transparent plastic molding productsWeld line’s location is always depending on the material flow direction.

  • Physical reason of the weld line

The location of weld line is where melt material separate but connect again area. It will form weld line and material flow line in the place two melt material meet again. The bigger core around melt material is, the more obvious the melt line will be. But the small weld line will not affect products quality and strength.

However, if the flow distance is too long or the pressure is not high enough, inadequate filling will lead to a slot. The quantity of gate and the location of gate also determine the weld line’s quantity and location. The smaller fluid -striker angle is, the more obvious the weld line will be.

In most circumstance, technology debugging cannot solve weld

line or material flow line. We can reduce their brightness, or move them to invisible or inconspicuous place.

  •  Reasons connecting to the machining parameter and improvement
Injection speed is too slowIncrease the injection speed
Mold wall temperature is too lowIncrease the mold wall temperature
Mold temperature is too lowIncrease the mold temperature
Pressure is too lowIncrease the pressure; change the pressure as soon as possible
  • Reasons connecting to the design and improvement
Unreasonable gate positionResetting gate position and move it to position which is not visible
No venting hole in material flow runner Venting hole size should meet the material characteristic(ABS:0.02mm depth,PA:0.01 depth)

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