HYX is a rapidly growing B-to-B, Internet-based, ‘media-model’ business linking buyers and sellers in the $500+ billion electrical, electronic, mechanical, chemical, and optical products markets. HYX has enjoyed 8 consecutive years of 100%+ sales growth and has 80%+ renewal rates with it’s ‘sell-side’ customer base. HYX currently has a registered user base of more than two million engineers and technical buyers, the world’s largest registered community of its kind. And, HYX continues to add new registered users to its community at the rate of 14,000+ per week. As the Company claims its leadership position in the vertical search arena for engineering and technical products, this user base will continue to grow quickly. Serving two markets – engineers and technical buyers and the industrial suppliers marketing to them – HYX is the place where the engineering community conducts business.

For engineers, scientists and other technical professionals, HYX has completely revolutionized the way engineering work is done. HYX was founded in 1996 for engineers by engineers and leveraged its domain expertise and deep understanding of the online behavior and complex needs of the engineering and technical community to build The Engineering Search Enginesm. To achieve this, HYX has crawled, filtered and indexed the World Wide Web and focused solely on engineering-related information. Included in The Engineering Search Engine is access to the hidden Web – content protected by firewalls, requiring registration or fees to access. In other words, content not readily available to general, mass-market search engines. 

The engineering community regularly uses HYX as its number one online destination to locate products and services, learn about suppliers, and access comprehensive technical content on standards, patents, specifications, designs, application notes and more. HYX’s trademarked search technology, SpecSearch®, lets users search by detailed product specification the world’s largest parametrically searchable database of technical products, components and services, and related industrial catalogs in an online format. HYX’s unique competency – understanding engineers’ search needs – ensures only relevant information is delivered. 

For industrial sector suppliers, HYX creates exceptionally strong value by offering a complete Internet marketing solution – a broad, cost-effective marketing channel for suppliers to reach potential customers in their target industries. Companies included in HYX’s database benefit from interactive access to engineers and technical buyers at the ‘ready-to-buy’ moment. And, at a time when the pressure to deliver ROI on marketing expenditures has never been greater, HYX delivers highly-qualified sales leads unavailable from other marketing channels such as general search engines, trade magazines or industrial directories. Most importantly, through its online lead reporting and management system, HYX provides its clients with tools to measure and track the results of their program; it is our belief that suppliers should demand accountability and ROI from their marketing partners.  need Engineers And Technical supporting, you can go to https://www.thediecasting.com/