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Engineers And Technical

HYX is a rapidly growing B-to-B, Internet-based, ‘media-model’ business linking buyers and sellers in the $500+ billion electrical, electronic, mechanical, chemical, and optical products markets. HYX has enjoyed 8 consecutive years of 100%+ sales growth and has 80%+ renewal rates with it’s ‘sell-side’ customer base. HYX currently has a registered user base of more than […]


Blow Molding Machine

Blow molding machine is a machine used in blow forming jobs that become a multibillion dollar business. It is a manufacturing process in which hollow plastic parts are formed. Blow molding machines are what you need if you run a business deals with producing hollow objects from thermoplastic. For years, blow molding machines have been widely used in a […]

High pressure die casting

HOT CHAMBER HIGH PRESSURE DIE CASTING This process is almost universally selected for high- pressure die-casting components in zinc alloys. Metal is melted in a crucible with a hollow protrusion on one side, (generally called a gooseneck), located into the entrance to the die. A force pump mechanism, which has one end submerged in the […]

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Plastic Mold Making business

I received an interesting e-mail yesterday from someone inquiring about making plastic molds for building planters with faces on them. I’m going to just copy it and paste it here. So you can read it to. Del, I found an article http://www.abceo.com/ and I’d like to try to make these planters but I don’t know […]

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Plastic Mold Manufacturer

Plastic Mold Manufacturer HXY. is a long-established Plastic Mold Manufacturer that started as a manufacturer of radial drilling machines in 1947. In the succeeding decades, the company developed a leading role in the manufacture of high-speed and high-accuracy milling and boring machines. Now, the Mecof Group has a personnel roster of approximately 500 spread throughout […]

Italian Trade Fair for Manufacturers

The 2,200 companies who participated in the 23rd BI-MU/SFORTEC exhibition, held Oct. 3-9 in Milan, have pronounced the event a success. Sponsored by UCIMU-Sistemi per Produrre for manufacturers around the world, the exhibition showcased machine tools, robots, automation and ancillary products — NC, tools, components, accessories — as well as a wide range of subcontracting products. BI-MU alternates with […]


Magnesium Die Casting

Magnesium Die Casting CNM Magnesium  is a die casting china company that produce and supply a complete range of die casting like aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, magnesium die casting and sand casting alloys together with the associated hardeners, fluxes and welding rods. Service partnerships with our customers include extensive technical support in the […]

Injection mould defect

Injection mould defect analysis-weld line, material flow line  Appearance of the weld line Weld line often appears in the place which every fluid meet. Especially in the high-polished surface in mould, weld line in the plastic product just like a mark or slot, it is obviously in the plastic products with dark color or transparent plastic molding products. Weld line’s […]


Hot Runner Mold

Advantages of Hot Runner systems for plastic molds 1) no outlet material after processing is not required, so that the entire molding process is fully automated, saving time and increasing efficiency. 2) the pressure loss is small. Hot runner temperature and the injection molding machine nozzle temperature equal to the raw surface to avoid condensation inside […]