Injection mould defect

Injection mould defect analysis-weld line, material flow line

  •  Appearance of the weld line

Weld line often appears in the place which every fluid meet. Especially in the high-polished surface in mould, weld line in the plastic product just like a mark or slot, it is obviously in the plastic products with dark color or transparent plastic molding productsWeld line’s location is always depending on the material flow direction.

  • Physical reason of the weld line

The location of weld line is where melt material separate but connect again area. It will form weld line and material flow line in the place two melt material meet again. The bigger core around melt material is, the more obvious the melt line will be. But the small weld line will not affect products quality and strength.

However, if the flow distance is too long or the pressure is not high enough, inadequate filling will lead to a slot. The quantity of gate and the location of gate also determine the weld line’s quantity and location. The smaller fluid -striker angle is, the more obvious the weld line will be.

In most circumstance, technology debugging cannot solve weld

plastic molding products
plastic molding products

line or material flow line. We can reduce their brightness, or move them to invisible or inconspicuous place.

  •  Reasons connecting to the machining parameter and improvement
Injection speed is too slowIncrease the injection speed
Mold wall temperature is too lowIncrease the mold wall temperature
Mold temperature is too lowIncrease the mold temperature
Pressure is too lowIncrease the pressure; change the pressure as soon as possible
  • Reasons connecting to the design and improvement
Unreasonable gate positionResetting gate position and move it to position which is not visible
No venting hole in material flow runner Venting hole size should meet the material characteristic(ABS:0.02mm depth,PA:0.01 depth)

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Hot Runner Mold

Advantages of Hot Runner systems for plastic molds

1) no outlet material after processing is not required, so that the entire molding process is fully automated, saving time and increasing efficiency.

2) the pressure loss is small. Hot runner temperature and the injection molding machine nozzle temperature equal to the raw surface to avoid condensation inside runner, injection pressure loss.

3) outlet material will be reused plastic performance degradation, and use the hot runner system has no outlet material can reduce the loss of raw materials, thereby reducing production costs. Temperature and pressure in the cavity uniform, small plastic parts stress, uniform density, in the smaller injection pressure, a relatively short molding time, better than the average of the injection system of the injection molding product. For transparent parts, thin pieces, large plastic parts or high demand plastic parts can show its advantages, but also can be used to produce a larger product smaller models.

Hot runner mold
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4) thermal spray nozzle using standardized series design, with a variety to choose from a nozzle head, good interchangeability. The unique design of the processing of electric heating coil, heating temperature uniformity can be achieved, and long service life. Hot runner system is equipped with manifold plate, temperature control, etc., compact design, a wide variety, easy to use, stable and reliable quality.

Do you need hot runner mold for your business or your new products? Here I offer you some finally suggestion, if you want your plastic mold to running for over 1 million shot, then we suggest you to make hot runner mold, because this will save your cycle time and save the runner waste, if the mold life requirement less than 0.2 million then we suggestion use could runner, of course this is not always the same it is depending on the part size if part size is over 300 mm, then hot runner will be better option, you can go to our mean website to know more about this.

Die Casting Parts

Die Casting Parts

We are the leading supplier of aluminum die casting and zinc alloy die casting in China. Meanwhile, the auto parts is one of main products we offer. These automobile part varying from 10 gram to 200 gram are mostly used as the auto air conditioner parts and parts of radiator devices.

There are many type of die casting parts on the world, below are some die casting products which we are manufacturing

Auto Parts

All our auto parts are finished on the 138-ton and 160-ton die casting machines through the surface treatments of acid washing and vibratory mulling. We have got the certificate of ISO9001:2000 quality management system, and develop , produce, & sale the sound aluminum die castings, magnesium die casting and zinc alloy die castings with our experience and advanced technologies according to the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system.Aluminium die casting
GC auto parts possess smooth surfaces, high precision and exact dimensions. We can produce all aluminum die castings and zinc alloy die castings including auto parts according to customers’ design drawings, samples and technology requirements. All these auto parts are equipped with complete inspecting methods and quality guaranty to make sure the flawless products.
All aluminum die castings and zinc alloy die castings are found in good market conditions globally.

Industrial Radiator Accessories

Industrial Radiator Accessories varying from 1.5kg to 6kg are mainly applied on the industrial facilities e.g. all kinds of transducers. Our company owns all types of production facilities and supporting equipment such as aluminum die castings and zinc alloy die castings. Our industrial radiator accessories are produced on the 630-ton and 280-ton die casting machines.
Industrial radiator accessories are treated by abrasive blasting and cleaning process as well as some complex mechanical processes. So these industrial radiator accessories we offered are characterized by the finish machining and sound quality.
With at least 30 years’ manufacturing experience of aluminum die casting and zinc alloy die casting and due to the seized technologies and application of new technologies, GC Non- ferrous Metals Foundry has been the leader in die casting industry. We are sure we can provide our clients with the desired aluminum die castings and zinc alloy die castings.

Medical Fitness Machinery Components

Medical Fitness Machinery Components are mainly applied on the wheel chairs for handicapped and massage chairs. The series medical fitness machinery components include footrests, armrests, handles, and rackets, etc. Most of these medical fitness machinery components are exported to the United States and have won the good market for the sound performance and reliable quality.
Footrests are finished on the 630 tonnage die casting machine and are featured by the smooth surface and certain weight capacity. This series of medical fitness machinery components are treated by the plastic coating so as to form original patterns and improve the properties of long durability, water resistance, and strength, etc. Some of footrests can be mounted with rubber mat according to customers’ requirements.
Armrests and handles are manufactured on 280 tonnage die casting machine. This series medical fitness machinery components are sound aluminum die castings and zinc alloy die castings. These armrests and handles have smooth surface and reliable performance for the treatment of shot blasting and lacquer coating.
Rackets used as the parts on medical machinery are produced on 160-ton die casting machine. They are featured by sooth surface and good reliability. All our aluminum die castings and zinc alloy die castings including these medical fitness machinery components are consisted with the ISO9001 standard.

Industrial Radiator Accessories

Industrial Radiator Accessories varying from 1.5kg to 6kg are mainly applied on the industrial facilities e.g. all kinds of transducers. Our company owns all types of production facilities and supporting equipment such as aluminum die castings and zinc alloy die castings. Our industrial radiator accessories are produced on the 630-ton and 280-ton die casting machines.
Industrial radiator accessories are treated by abrasive blasting and cleaning process as well as some complex mechanical processes. So these industrial radiator accessories we offered are characterized by the finish machining and sound quality.
With at least 30 years’ manufacturing experience of aluminum die casting and zinc alloy die casting and due to the seized technologies and application of new technologies, GC Non- ferrous Metals Foundry has been the leader in die casting industry. We are sure we can provide our clients with the desired aluminum die castings and zinc alloy die castings.

Motor Shell, Motor Parts

According to the provided design drawings, we can manufacture various motor shell parts/fittings from the weight of 2.5 kg to 4 kg. We have the advanced production facilities of aluminum die castings and zinc alloy die castings, which include 6 automatic die casting machines. All our motor shells are finished on the 630-tonnage die casting machines. The die casting facilities are also equipped with CNC machines, processing centre, milling machines, drilling machines and abrasive blasting machine, vibratory mullers, etc.
Surfaces of motor shells and motor fittings are treated by the abrasive blasting, shot blasting and processed on the milling machine, drilling machine. All our die casting products such as aluminum die castings and zinc ally die castings are produced by progressive technologies according to program files.
We take every manufacturing stage and details into account, which make the sound quality motor shell and fillings/parts. Many of our motor shell and fillings/parts are exported to Europe and have set good markets for a long times because of their firm and long service life, pretty look and free-air vent.

Other Die Cast Metal Parts

Except Surface Electroplating and Coating Products, Motor Shell and Parts, Industrial Radiator Accessories, Automobile Parts , Medical Fitness Machinery Components, we also supply other Die Cast Parts, Aluminum die castings and zinc alloy die castings, which include:
1) Motor box: manufactured on the 280-ton die casting machine and some processes are finished in the processing center. It is featured by exact dimension.
2) Motor fittings/parts: manufactured on the 160-ton die casting machine and some processes are finished in the processing center. It is featured by exact dimension and free-air vent.
3) Various Die-cast flange fittings: manufactured on the 160-ton die casting machine and finished on CNC machine. It is Zinc alloy die castingfeatured by exact dimension and free-air vent.
4) Flow meter: manufactured on the 630-ton die casting machine. Complex structure, anti-high temperature and leakage resistance.
5) Grease gun brackets: manufactured on the 630-tondie casting machine. Complex structure, large projection area, strong and durable.
6) Belt pulley: manufactured on the 280-ton die casting machine. The trough of turntable is treated precisely on machine tools which need high requirements of dimension precision.
7) Hydraulic pressure filter: manufactured on the 630 and 280-ton die casting machine. With complex structure, exact dimension, certain requirement of pressure resistance.
These die casting products mentioned above are parts of our die casts. We are sure to offer all kinds of aluminum die castings and zinc alloy die castings and after-sale services for our customers.

Some Suggestions for making couples type tattoo

As a tattoo (tattoo supplies) that is both fashionable and traditional things slowly being accepted by the society gradually entered into our mainstream culture, especially the age is the new new mankind but also showed great enthusiasm to the art of tattoo of rage. There, there are a lot of customers are lovestruck couple, often have a few small couples to ask can do lovers tattoo shop, and other various aspects, have I also here for everyone to do a more systematic, hope to have the idea of friends as some reference Suggestions.


First of all, I wanted to do lovers tattoo (tattoo supplies) friends please prepare yourself a rational rational judgment, the reason for repeated deliberation, or because that sentence, the tattoo is a lifetime, it like a family member with the rest of your life, don’t allow you to have a room for regrets, so you want to make sure that your this kind of behavior is not caused by an impulse, because we are adults, it is best to avoid any irrational behavior, if you want to good whether can be responsible for own behavior. Especially like this is not independent, but would have some meaning and commitment to both of tattoo, more should be cautious of the weight, look before you leap.

When you determine the later we can start to choose design, in general, a couple of tattoo shoulds not be too big, like a fully armoured, half Jia etc area larger pattern can be first put a put, tattoo usually couples are relatively small and exquisite design, because both sides are mutually on the mind have already reached an agreement, so that the tattoo is a landmark commitment or metaphor, so the pattern should not do too much.

Do stretching Plastic mould designs work, to better the stretching process

Do stretching Plastic mould designs work

Stretching Plastic mould is in the industrial production of special tools. as the production of some metal elements need to be stretched, and some plastic products in the process of making little also not stretching operation, visible stretching Plastic mold in the industrial production of application is extensive.
How can let us better stretching process of industrial production, operating more simple, more time, manpower, save the human, has always been our factory concern. Do stretching mould design work can be very good solve this difficult problem.
According to the tensile component material is qualitative different, need to make the product shape and thickness of the different requirements, such as the requirement of mould are also different. As a result, designers for existing mold professional design renovation or there’s a lot of work to be done. One of the reasons for the mould design is very important. Do a good job in the design of the mould modification, can with less manpower and material resources to produce more high-quality products, promote the development of industry more quickly.

Plastic stacked chairs play a bigger role

Plastic Chair Mould-Plastic stacked chairs play a bigger role

We can often see in public stacked chairs, plastic stacked chairs mainly put the put in the park, waiting for a bus and Banks, shopping malls, leisure area, we usually use stacked chairs there are two kinds of material, stainless steel and plastic material. Stainless steel runs through the advantage of good quality, long service life. Plastic material stacked chairs the advantage of cheap, convenient to put.

Plastic Chair mould
In general public area is not so many qualitative factors, excluded from artificial damage, in the open occasions to prevent the corrosion effect of rain water, that is to say, stacked chairs belongs to the municipal construction of consumables. According to the characteristics of the stacked chairs, in the open occasions or not easy to manage places for plastic stacked chairs( which made by plastic chair mould ) is the most wise choice. High quality plastic stacked chairs using high quality plastic, corrosion resistance, so the elder is placed in the outdoor is not seriously damaged. And plastic getting lighter in weight, both mobile and disassemble very convenient, one to two people to complete.

Many kinds of plastic spoons

Many kinds of plastic spoons made by plastic molds

The characteristics of the plastic spoon because of its convenient health widely received the love of consumers, especially now plastic manufacturing process also in unceasing enhancement, the material of plastic spoon is also changing. Now we know that the main raw material of plastic material is melamine powder, the plastic material is through the national quality certification, material guarantee one hundred percent health. High quality plastic spoon containing resin plastic material, the material more guarantee the quality of plastic spoon and longevity.

To make plastic spoons we need plastic molds, each type of plastic sppons need each type of plastic mold

Plastic spoon in general are impact resistance, not easy broken, can use repeatedly repeatedly, healthy environmental protection in the process of using, can greatly save the cost. Combined with the quality of a material of plastic spoon is smooth, very beautiful and feel good, whether private or restaurant can choose a money and beauty and cheap plastic spoon. For restaurant, customized plastic spoon melamine poor heat transfer, more than the material such as ceramic spoon can prevent the phenomenon of hot and so on, in the side dishes served not special hot, so very convenient to use.

The plastic chair leads the way with chic modeling

Chair is indispensable in the household furniture, chair of the species is also very much, from wooden chair to plastic chair mould, each kind of material of the chair has a unique role and advantages. Now, we focus on analysis the advantages of plastic chairs. As we all know, plastic more than other materials products shape can be more rich, this is because the plastic has good flexibility, can be the change of shape, through high temperature and plastic chemical composition is not stable, the color is more sensitive, so you can always change color. So, a beautiful plastic chairs in color and design chair has more superiority than other material.

We see a lot of fashion sites, plastic chairs are the most talented designers can play furniture, plastic chairs designer can design a variety of occasions and role models and styling chairs, plastic chairs can also be designed to show the greatest degree of the idea of division, but a beautiful and practical plastic chairs can be placed occasions highlighted the atmosphere and flavor.

Exercise is good, but you will protect the joints?

For bodybuilders, is by the very big risk suffered a serious shoulder injury.This is a big bad news.But also have the good news is that if we train right, nutrition, rest and recovery is in place, so we can avoid injury.

1. The training of the high weight and improper action can cause joint damage:

This is the main reason of the bodybuilding joint injury.Continuous use big weight training and bad posture can lead to a joint injury, inflammation in joints slowly, for the first, and then become symptomatic pain even bruises.Shoulder and elbow is one of the most vulnerable to this type of damage.Too much bad training habits and weight will cause the damage to the tendons and even tear, light person can also cause tendinitis.If weight is too big, using more than the load of joints, still can cause joint dislocation.

2. The muscle strength development too fast:

There are some supplements such as creatine, and nitrogen is the class product will help us develop muscle strength, when we muscle strength development quickly, we keep up with the joint bearing capacity is actually not completely.Although the growth of muscle strength is absolutely good, we can use the bigger weight training to stimulate muscle, but it will be very easy to cause joint damage.This often happens to the training of the young, especially the teenagers bodybuilding.

3. The lack of reasonable nutrition:

Joints and muscles that need nutrients to recover.The lack of a reasonable joint nutrition will lead to a higher chance of joint damage.Result is the development of small soft tissue tear slowly for joint chronic pain and even develop into joint damage.A chronic lack of reasonable nutrition may even trigger inflammation in joints or tendonitis.All these inflammation is caused by cumulative trauma.

4. Lack of reasonable rest and recovery:

Continuous excessive training, has been used big weight training without the adjustment of the intensity of training, lack of sleep can cause the problem of the joints.Excessive training and each group of less than 6 times of repeat big weight training can cause joint damage.We want to know is that, if our body can’t completely recovered from the last training, then the trauma are accumulated together, and then to a fatal blow to us.And lack of sleep, will affect our body produces anabolic hormones, will further affect the recovery of our body.

How to protect the joints in sports?

Wuhan city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of doctor of vice director of orthopedics ugly steel, said the movement correct landing posture can prevent knee injuries. this need medical plastic parts

His advice: before landing foot first, knee bends, torso slightly forward, as far as possible avoid around the knee joint lateral or action.Pay attention to the choice of level off, suitable for field sports, don’t be too hard or potholes in sports.10-15 minutes to warm up before exercise, activity on the whole body of the joints.

Pay attention to choose the right shoes and protective devices in under the guidance of professional coaches try to difficult moves.If it is found that the knee of sudden pain or limited sample torn pain, knee joint swelling, tenderness, activities of obstacles, and so on and so forth, check to the hospital in time.

Before if you ignore the protection of knee joint movement, so from now on to do well the protection of the knee joint movement oh.If you have a knee injury, remember to rest well before exercise, don’t pain with motion.

Research Report: more than 4 billion people worldwide have a month of severe water shortage

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

More than 4 billion people around the world have at least one month in a serious shortage of water resources per year, the affected population accounted for 2/3 of the total global population, showing the global water shortage situation is more severe than expected.

The scientific development of the United States journal recently published a new research report, which analyses the global water shortage on a monthly basis.

The report also noted that about five hundred million of the world’s population is two times the amount of water they live in the region throughout the year, which means that a sharp decline in groundwater levels, the survival of a large population becomes precarious.

The monthly new study of human habitation around within about 50 kilometers of water resources analysis, covering the decade data from 1996 to 2005, who used water is more than twice the supply of water is defined as a serious shortage of water resources.

Analysts said after a number of research reports prediction, the global water shortage affects population ranged from 17 million to 31 billion, the latest research has revealed that a population of more than 40 billion in the year with at least a month will face the serious shortage of water resources. The global water shortage problem is more serious than the original, with the increasing of the population and the rising of the water consumption, the water shortage crisis is bound to deteriorate further.

India could sell excess coal

Monday, January 11th, 2016

The Indian government said recently, would allow the country’s state-owned enterprises sell more coal, to support the domestic coal production growth, reducing reliance on imported coal.

Cabinet meeting chaired by India’s prime minister, Mr Modi, according to the plan will promote the federal and state enterprises more flexibility to sell excess coal.

So far, India almost all of the company is only allowed to exploitation of coal supply their own use.

“Through the way to increase coal production is expected to fill the coal supply gap… dramatically narrow gap between supply and demand of the country,” the statement said.

At present, only state-owned coal India (coal India LTD) and another run jointly by the federal government and some state of coal companies be allowed to coal mining goods.

Coal India coal output hit a record high, pushing the coal industry better. But the government also hope that more companies to join the ranks of coal mining, in order to help achieve to 2020 countries doubled to 1.5 billion tons of coal production target.

Mexican oil revenues appeared 12-year low

Monday, January 4th, 2016

According to Mexico’s national oil company (PEMEX) statistics, the first ten months of this year, the Mexican oil export revenues $ 16.485 billion, down 47% over the previous year. According to the Mexican Ministry of Finance statistics, as of now Mexican oil revenues 660 079 000 000 pesos (1 US dollar equals 16.5 pesos), becoming the lowest level in nearly 12 years. By the fall in oil prices, Mexico’s national oil company this year will hit a record loss.

Americans protest the police shootings of black, causing a large number of flight delays

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

About 500 protesters held a demonstration on the 23rd in Minnesota Minneapolis last month to protest the police shooting of a black youth. A large number of flight delays caused by protests, 15 people were arrested.

According to US media reports, the afternoon, about 500 members of the black rights organizations gathered in Minneapolis, a large shopping center, local police protest last month’s shooting of a black youth named Yamal Clark. In dispersed by police after about 100 demonstrators turned visit Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport continued to protest. Once protesters blocked the road leading to the airport, lead to a large number of flights terminal closures and delays.

Local police sources said a total of 15 protesters for “trespassing” or “impede law enforcement” and arrested, no one was injured in the incident.

Nigeria oil refining enterprises are still unable to produce, the demand for fuel is completely dependent on imports

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC) on Thursday (December 17th) said that although the country pushing up crude oil production plan is steadily, but the domestic oil refining companies are still unable to produce fuel, leading to the country’s oil demand can only rely on imports to meet.

Nigeria’s crude oil production is expected to reach 2 million 100 thousand barrels a day this year, and plans to increase to 2 million 400 thousand barrels a day, according to Ibe Kachikwu Emmanuel, a managing director at Nigeria, while the current supply of crude oil is currently in use.

Kachikwu said: October domestic oil refining enterprises to zero, we do not produce any fuel. As of now, all the oil refineries are still unable to function, we plan to try to repair.”

Oil prices resulting in crude oil revenue decline, Nigeria attempts to reduce fuel subsidies to make up the financial gap, Kachikwu pointed out that in the current oil prices, the domestic refined oil products in the retail price range will be maintained at 87 per liter to 97 naira in Nigeria.

Kachikwu added: “the future fuel subsidies will not be fixed, we will examine the expected quarterly price impact on fuel prices, and then make adjustments, in order to ensure that the fuel price will not exceed the upper limit of 97 naira.”
Nigeria’s largest oil refinery officials in November to accept foreign media interview, said Nigeria plans in the first quarter of 2016 to achieve the goal of domestic 30% gasoline demand localization.

Nigeria’s president and oil minister Buhari (Buhari Muhammadu) has been to overhaul the country’s oil refining system as the current primary goal, plans to address the problem of poor management and corruption through thorough reform.

Indian diamond traders for hundreds of poor girl do collective wedding, give gold jewelry

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

According to the horn reported in Argentina, on December 6, in the western Indian state of gujarat held a grand wedding ceremony of 151 couples. The bride was dressed in a red traditional dress, gorgeous jewellery, very lovely.

According to the report, the collective wedding by Mr Mahesh jewelry businessman – a close (Mahesh Savani) sponsor, a few years ago, the jewelry merchants began to no parents poor girl organize collective wedding, because in traditional India, bride-to-be to marry, as the bride’s family will be generous dowry, for the poor girl, this is difficult.

It is understood that the collective wedding banquet will last 3 days, is expected to receive more than 100000 guests, wedding with the bride’s gold jewelry dowry to spend $750000. Faced with huge cost, sponsor Mr Mahesh – close to reporters, said: “I will be the collective wedding as sacred things, so will not be too care about how much cost.”

India 51 year old woman has a stomach ache, the gallbladder takes out 1.2 million gall stone

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported, a 51 year old woman from India recently in the gallbladder removed 11950 stones, so that a doctor’s gaping, this number is believed to have been a new world record.

Minati Mondal was extremely severe stomach pain and stomach acid reflux disease for two months, two weeks ago, she went to a hospital in Calcutta, India, after a variety of examination and ultrasound, doctors believe that she is a serious gallstone patients.

But the doctor did not expect to find so many stones. The attending doctor Maccan Lara Saha said he began to expect a large number of gallstones, but after a number of more than 5000 he has been deeply shocked, and 1 hours after the laparoscopic surgery, he had removed nearly 1.2 million stones.

“I was shocked by the number of stones. I never thought that the gall bladder can accommodate so many stones. It took us 50 minutes to remove them, and my assistant took 4 hours to calculate the number of stones in these 2 millimeters to 5 mm.” Saha said.

At present, Louis has sent a letter to the London Royal College of pathologists, want to record this case. “Two months ago, I had surgery for a girl. She had 1110 stones. Although the number was high, I found that in 1983 the British doctors had taken 3110 stones from a German patient’s gallbladder. I think this time beyond all previous records, and is more than three times the previous record.”

After the operation was discharged 2 days ago Mondal, at present in home rehabilitation.

Iran ready to work with Russia signed the first oil and gas contracts next year

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

November 12, Iranian Communications and Information Technology Minister Reza Taki Poole said in Moscow that Iran hopes in 2016 with the Russian oil and gas company signed the first oil and gas contracts.

10 to 12 November, Russia – Iran Committee held a series of meetings in Moscow to discuss the investment of joint projects between the two countries.

Russian Energy Minister Novak has said that bilateral trade volume between Russia and Iran could reach $ 10 billion in the short term.

By the end of October, Novak led the Russian delegation visited Iran to discuss bilateral cooperation in the oil sector of issues relating to Iran peers. In July, Iran and the world’s six countries reached a program to monitor and limit Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for an agreement to reduce the international sanctions, which opens the way for Iran to continue the implementation of energy projects.

The RMB against the dollar is expected to hold steady

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

On November 17, RMB onshore and offshore at the spot exchange rate against the dollar weakness, and deviate from the middle price movements. Market participants pointed out that although the dollar index was higher, but the yuan is not significantly decline, mainly due to market expectations of RMB exchange rate will continue to stabilization, and the yuan is expected to be included in the SDR basket to prop up the currency, in the next period of time, the RMB exchange rate will continue to fluctuate within a certain range narrow the pattern.

Among 17 market within the territory of the yuan against the us dollar price is set at 6.3740 yuan, compared with the previous trading day up 10 basis points, the end of the previous 10 consecutive trading day down. Onshore market, the yuan against the dollar at the spot exchange rate leave high to go lower, at 50 continued turmoil since the second world war, up to close at 6.3786 yuan, fell by 62 basis points, or 0.1%. Offshore renminbi spot exchange rate against the dollar yesterday after appearing to surge, but a poor performance in the afternoon, by the domestic market closing (ticket), offshore RMB against the U.S. dollar fell 18 basis points at 6.4018 yuan, two price about 232 points.