New CEO Announced at Dapra Corp.

Dapra Corp., which supplies the metalworking industry with cutting tools, workholding and positioning equipment, and part marking equipment, has a new CEO: Linda Pilvelis, who had been the company’s chief financial officer since 1991. She succeeds Tom Watson, who will continue as a member of Dapra’s board of directors.

During the past 29 years, Pilvelis has been actively involved in every aspect of the Dapra business. She was appointed to the board in 1989 and has been directly involved in the management of all aspects of Dapra’s business since 1997.

Pilvelis leads a management team that includes Richard Pentz, vice president, business development; Michael Bitner, product manager, cutting tool and workholding/positioning products; and Chris Davis, vice president of Dapra Marking Systems, a division of Dapra Corp. that specializes in direct part marking, reading and verification solutions.

During the past 21 years, Pentz has been actively involved in cutting tools sales—most recently as general manager of Dapra Marking Systems until his appointment as vice president, business development. He is an advisory director of the company.

Bitner’s product manager position combines product development, technical support and sales management. He has 15 years of experience in the mold and die industry. He, too, is an advisory director of the company.

Davis is a recent addition to the Dapra team. He has 25 years of sales, sales management and general management experience in several technology-based companies.

Dapra was founded 50 years ago and is a supplier of cutting tools, permanent part-marking solutions, workholding/positioning equipment and Biax scrapers and air tools.

Winners in Design Award Announced by VDID, DSM Somos

Last fall’s EuroMold 2002 trade fair in Germany was the occasion to announce the winners in the professional designer and student categories of the 2002 ProtoFunctional® Design Competition. Sponsored jointly by the Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID) and prototyping materials specialist DSM Somos®, the international contest attracted interest and entries from around the globe to compete under the theme Alleskönner (Truly Functional).

First prize in the professional designer category went to Victor Massip and Laurent Lebot of Faltazi Studio in Nantes, France, for their “Jellynoctil” egg beater. First prize in the student category was won by Ozge Kandemir of Anadolu Universitesi in Güzel, Turkey, for the “Coffee Bean,” an all-in-one unit consisting of receptacles for different-flavored beans and a stove for making the coffee.

The Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID) represents the interests of industrial designers in Germany. The VDID is a member of both BEDA (Bureau of European Designers Associations) and ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design).

DSM Somos® has commercialized an entire range of ProtoFunctional® resins to respond to the needs of new product development and industrial design. It also offers materials for selective laser sintering and is noted as the first manufacturer of powder elastomeric polymer that can be sintered to produce highly flexible parts with rubber-like characteristics.